The Benefits of Eating Fish

As everyone should know, fish is an important part of a healthy diet. Whether you are looking at eating better for your body, or looking to continue your workout even outside of the gym, fish is a staple food in a fitness conscious diet, and here’s why:

Fish Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

When working out, it’s important to focus on your insides, as well as what your body looks like on the outside. As fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, it’s brilliant for protecting your heart and reducing inflammation. If you look after your heart, it will look after you. Omega-3 acids are also essential for your organs and cells to work properly.

Fish Is A Brilliant Source of Vitamin D

If you’re really focusing on getting into shape and want to be in the gym as often as you can, make sure you’re eating fish to make sure your body is getting enough Vitamin D. This is important for keeping your bones healthy and strong, as well as keeping your body strong during long resistance training sessions. Being in the gym is important, but resting your body is too, or you won’t see results. Vitamin D aids sleep which will help your body to rest and repair after working out, and to keep your body as healthy as it can be.

Fish Speeds Up Your Metabolism

As you may know, having a high metabolism helps break down your food even faster when working out, helping with weight loss. Like mentioned, fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on your metabolism, helping you get closer to your weight loss goal.

Fish Is A Great Source of Vitamin B12

Your body needs vitamin B12 to function at its best. It is a nutrient that helps the blood cells and the nervous system stay healthy and create DNA. Vitamin B12 also aids in the prevention of anaemia, helping your body not feel so weak and tired, and overall assisting your fitness plans.

Fish Helps Injury Recovery

Even though the gym and being sporty in your life style can really help your body, it can also be dangerous through accidents and if your body gets hurt. Again, omega-3 fatty acids in fish are brilliant for aiding muscle regeneration, and vitamin D in fish aids with recovery also.

So, as you can probably understand, fish is a superfood in the fitness world. Eaten in proportion, it can really do the world of good for your health, and help you on your fitness journey. To group together as many of these points as we can, and to recommend which fish are best to introduce into your healthy diet, we looked at the fish available at a local fishmonger, Parkers of Stafford. Parkers stocks high quality fish and game, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, if you wanted to gain some more information. You can find out more at:

Source of Vitamin B12 – Salmon and Trout

Source of Calcium to Aid Healthy Bones - Sardines

By having 2 servings a week, these fish can reduce the risk of heart disease by 36% - Herring, Mackerel, and Anchovies

Hopefully you’re able to add fish to your shopping list and get your healthy eating on the right track.

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