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Build that booty!

Build your booty with these simple exercises! Each exercise is great for building the perfect butt and can be done either at home or in the gym so no equipment required. The workout really makes your bum burn and makes you feel amazing as well!

Some tips

Before we jump straight into it here are a few tips to remember whilst working out to make sure you don't injure yourself and to get the best results for your booty workout!

Make sure your movements are slow and controlled, this gets harder as you get tired but try and keep your form as best you can.

When squatting and lunging make sure your knees don't go over your ankles and keep the weight going through the balls and ankles of the feet not the toes.

It is important to consume enough protein for your butt to build itself so make sure you have enough in your diet, protein shakes are a great way to supplement if you are struggling.

The Workout

Weighted exercises or body weight alternatives

Squats 10-15 or Bodyweight Squats 15+
Sumo Cable Squats 10-15 or Sumo Squats 15+
Standing Lunge 10-15 or Walking Lunge 15+
Weighted Hip Thrusts 10-15 or Hip Thrusts 15+
Cable Kickbacks 10-15 or Kickbacks 15+ (Each leg!)
Cable Hip Abduction 10-15 or Hip Abduction 15+ (Each leg!)
Cable Glute Press 10-15 or Glute Press 15+ (Each leg!)

Try to do each set of exercises 2-3 times with a rest in between.

Be sure to let us know how you get on or if you have any tips for building your butt!

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