Molly’s Story

Putting time aside to exercise can be difficult when you’re focusing on your degree, but it can be done. Molly who attends our Uttoxeter gym, has been putting in the work at the gym for the past year, and she is so happy with the progress she has made.

Whilst studying law for her undergraduate degree and then continuing through her yearlong internship, Molly exercised on and off doing lots of cardio. She also began Slimming World but felt more empowered cooking and doing things for herself. Learning about calories, Molly used the My Fitness Pal app to stay within her daily limit. Soon however, she could work out her daily allowances for herself, letting her control how she ate and exercised.

For the past year, Molly has been focusing on another year of study and exams until she has two years of work to be qualified, but she has also spent a lot of the past twelve months in the gym. After joining and becoming more consistent with working out, she focused on planning her workouts with instructor Wendy. This led to a change of exercise, going from lots of cardio, to more free weights and resistance-based training. This made Molly’s training much more interesting, allowing her to see better results. Along with the gym work and dog walking, Molly has managed to lose a fantastic 4 stone, which is incredibly inspiring. This shows that even if you’re busy, fitting in just a small amount of gym time will get you to your fitness goal much quicker than you think.

Molly initially found the gym quite intimidating, but soon realised that everyone in the gym is focusing on themselves, not you. This gave her the confidence to exercise much more comfortably. She has said that obsessing over the scales made her very unhappy, but by reassuring herself that coming to the gym on a regular basis was helping her move in the right direction, it made her feel that everything she was doing was worth it, even if the scales weren’t showing it. We think this is brilliant advice to anyone currently at or thinking of joining the gym.

Well done Molly!

Laurie’s Story

It can be scary taking your first few steps into a gym. This is how Laurie felt when she joined us just over a year ago. Her goal was to lose weight, tone up, and just be happy with her body. She settled in, and has achieved her goal, which we think is incredible.

When joining the gym, Laurie weighed 12 stone 2. She had already lost a stone and a half before she joined, but wanted to achieve more, and reach her goal at a quicker pace. Within the past year at Gym & Tonic in Uttoxeter, Laurie has lost another 3 stone, getting her to an incredible 9 stone 1. When she started, Laurie’s aims were to lose a stone of fat, begin to build muscle, and become leaner. She has now achieved this and so much more, through learning about different areas of her body and what kind of exercise she needs to focus on.

Laurie has said how welcoming Gym & Tonic is, especially with the regulars, friendly staff, and great opening times. She was initially filled with nerves, but now calls the gym a second home. Laurie is an incredible inspiration for anyone wanting to achieve their goals, as she shows that you can.

Will you take the first step to achieve your goals?

Holly’s Story

After being referred to Gym & Tonic by one of our current members, Dee Beveridge, back in January 2017 Holly decided to book some personal training sessions with PT Ian Brown whose expertise and guidance enabled Holly to start her incredible journey.

Since joining in January Holly has gone from a size 14 to a size 10!

After gaining confidence and changing her life with a healthy balanced diet and exercise program, Holly now enjoys working out on a regular basis. Her determination and positive attitude is truly inspiring. Holly is looking forward to the future and her main goals are maintaining her weight and toning up.

Holly with gym manager Clare

An absolutely awesome effort from Holly and a real inspiration to everyone working towards their own health and fitness goals! Holly has also been named this months "Member of the Month" receiving a free month with her membership.

If you have any motivational stories then we'd love to hear from you! Alternatively if you're struggling to achieve what you want or need some help get in touch as well: call us on 01889 564671 or email us at!