New partnership supports weight loss

We are proud to announce that we are working in partnership with the NHS to offer an exclusive clinic for both doctors referrals and for Gym & Tonic members. This new partnership is offering local people access to specialist weight management advice! We will be hosting weight management groups run by the Specialist Adult Dietetic Service, which is provided by Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The partnership with Gym and Tonic will involve Mark Inman, Dietetic Physical Activity Practitioner, meeting with patients of the Specialist Adult Dietetic Service at the gym. The weekly groups will include a weigh in aimed at achieving 5% weight loss over 10 weeks or an alternative goal suited to the individual. Attendees will also complete food diaries and exercise plans and join an educational session on subjects such as sugars, the Eat Well Guide and benefits of exercise. As part of the service patients will also receive assessment and support from a Registered Dietitian over a 12 month period. Patients can be referred to the service via their GP or other health professional.

Following the session for those being seen as part of the Specialist Adult Dietetic Service, Mark will be available for a ‘drop in’ session for members of Gym and Tonic who may wish to ask questions about healthy eating and weight loss.

Mark Inman said “We are committed to helping people with weight loss and management and working with Gym and Tonic means we are able to hold sessions in an accessible, local venue. We can also provide extra sessions for gym members who are concerned about their weight”.

Alex Jones, Director at Gym and Tonic Uttoxeter added, “We are really pleased to be working with the NHS and hope the new clinics will make a real difference to people needing help with weight loss and management”.

For those interested please get in contact with Alex for more information and to reserve your space:

2018 Fitness Trends

We are now in 2018, and looking back over 2017, it’s so interesting to see how the gym has changed, as well as fitness and working out in general. Looking at that, here are a list of things we feel will become trends at the gym this year!

Virtual Reality Workouts

When we think of Virtual Reality sports, Wii Sports comes to mind, and trying to get a strike whilst bowling on the TV. However, this technology has evolved so much over the years that you can now wear headsets that place you in a 3D world. WE feel that workouts through these VR headsets will be introduced, to try and encourage children, teenagers, and people who spend their days gaming to get active. It may also be the route people take if they are worried about going to the gym so want to try it at home. Even though this sounds exciting, it could be expensive if you don’t already own a VR headset, and it could encourage people to spend even more time using technology!

Group Personal Training sessions

People want personalised workouts; however, they can be expensive if they are one to one. This may turn to group workout sessions, so people can save money, yet still have a personalised workout experience. Classes at the gym are so much fun, but people are looking for something more individual and focused on them, so these group sessions may become more of a thing in 2018.

Gym Technology

Even if they don’t go to a gym, most people own a smart watch of some kind, which tracks their steps and even calories consumed for the day. The technology we have right now is phenomenal, and only keeps getting better. This may lead to everyone owning a smart device to track their workouts and progress soon. Even though the devices can be expensive, they are motivating, and great for the gym!

Outdoor Workouts

Especially coming up to the summer, working out outside will really pick up. A lot of people jog outside, but we think exercising outside will become a thing in 2018. Using walls, benches, and anything else you can find, this essentially free “equipment” is available to everyone, and can be used for wall sits, press ups, bench steps, and so much more. This could be done with a few people, and be really fun in warm and dry weather. That’s the downside though, if the weather changes, your workout might have to also.

Wellness Coaching

Learning about and looking after your mental health is so important, and as a result of this, we think that wellness coaches will be wanted more. People will be able to speak to wellness coaches as well as personal trainers to aim towards having a healthier body and leading a healthier life. We don’t think this will change people’s general goals, but wellness coaches will help how people get to where they want to be, physically and mentally.

We wonder which of these five ideas will become a reality over the upcoming year? Maybe none of them will, but if they do, you heard it here first!


Gym & Tonic are excited to announce that the NEW extension is now complete and the amazing new SYNRGY Zone is being opened on Friday 12th January. This new facility is open to both members and newcomers to the gym, and to celebrate FREE 1 WEEK PASSES are being given away so you can try the new space to see what you think!.

Over the last few months, the extension has been added to the gym building, creating a new space for gym goers of all ages to enjoy and improve their fitness levels. As well as this, there is new equipment, classes and fitness possibilities for you to enjoy.

This space, not only creates a much-needed extra room, but also it will cater to a diverse group of people from 16 to 80-year olds. Furthermore, it will give all its users, new and existing, the opportunity to improve on their general fitness for a better life, not just weight training or general gym work which looks at parts of the body, rather than it as a whole.

Talking more about the new timetable, with a new space and new equipment, we look at expanding our current classes and introducing new ones that apply to existing and new members of our community. Whether you are at the gym every day, once a week, or haven’t signed up just yet, we hope you’re ready for a new outlook at our new room to help you get a body and a lifestyle you are happy with.

The Grand opening is this Friday 12th January 2018 and we hope to see you there. The Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Stafford will be here to cut the ribbon at 11:30am, so head on down to see the new functional fitness space. As a New Years gift we are offering a FREE 1 WEEK PASS to anyone who would like to try the gym and the new SYNRGY Zone out. You can claim your pass anytime from now, until Monday 15th January. The new space will be open to all members, and any newcomers. In the meantime, the management and each member of staff, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, as well as apologise for any changes this may have caused you and we look forward to working with you in the near future.