Laurie’s Story

It can be scary taking your first few steps into a gym. This is how Laurie felt when she joined us just over a year ago. Her goal was to lose weight, tone up, and just be happy with her body. She settled in, and has achieved her goal, which we think is incredible.

When joining the gym, Laurie weighed 12 stone 2. She had already lost a stone and a half before she joined, but wanted to achieve more, and reach her goal at a quicker pace. Within the past year at Gym & Tonic in Uttoxeter, Laurie has lost another 3 stone, getting her to an incredible 9 stone 1. When she started, Laurie’s aims were to lose a stone of fat, begin to build muscle, and become leaner. She has now achieved this and so much more, through learning about different areas of her body and what kind of exercise she needs to focus on.

Laurie has said how welcoming Gym & Tonic is, especially with the regulars, friendly staff, and great opening times. She was initially filled with nerves, but now calls the gym a second home. Laurie is an incredible inspiration for anyone wanting to achieve their goals, as she shows that you can.

Will you take the first step to achieve your goals?

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