New Years Motivation Guide

Getting back to a normal routine after the rush of the Christmas holidays can be difficult. After getting used to fun foods and fizzing drinks, it feels almost impossible to be able to start eating healthily. Getting the motivation isn’t the hard part, but keeping that motivation high is! It’s 2018, a new year, time for a new you. Here’s how to keep the motivation going until 2019, rather than just the second week in January...

Be Realistic

It’s easy to say you want to lose a certain amount of weight and eat healthily, but if you are going from no working out to wanting to be in the gym every day, your body won’t appreciate that. It can be simpler to set smaller goals along the way, so that by the end, you are in a place you are proud to be in. If you truly believe you can lose a lot of weight or build up tonnes of muscle, go for it, but try and be realistic towards your current situation to see more success.

Outline Your Plan

After choosing your resolution or goal, organise a plan or your routine so you know exactly how you are going to get there. Whether you plan on going to the gym three times a week and eating healthily, or choose to do a workout every morning at home and then food prep rather than eat out, by writing down your plan, it will make it so much easier to see what you have to do, when, and that you will be sure to see results at the end of it. If you don’t see results straight away, don’t worry, stick to what you have written and keep working hard.

Track Your Progress

It’s so inspiring to see your weight change or photos of your changing body over the weeks to really see the change occurring. Whether you use your phone, or write down your results on a piece of paper, checking this can motivate you to keep going and do even better. This also helps you to see how far you have come since setting your goal as well as how much more you have to go.

Use Imagery

It’s been proven that the brain retains visual imagery rather than text, so purchase some fitness magazines, scroll through workouts on Pinterest, or even make a motivating collage. The more you see these inspiring images, you will be more likely to get to the gym and get to your goal, no matter how big!

Make It Fun

Doing something you don’t enjoy can get boring quickly. Join a sports class, go to the gym with your friends, or find a certain workout you really enjoy. You will quickly stop aiming towards your goal if you let yourself be uninspired, so keep the energy high and stay happy. What you’re doing will get you to a place where you will be happy with yourself, so make the journey their a happy one too!

Talk About It

Keep your goal in mind and talk to others about it. They may have similar goals or be able to give you some tips to be able to work harder or keep you inspired, even when it gets tough. Talking about your goals also makes the idea seem real, rather than just a concept in your head. Talk about it, inspire others as well as yourself, and keep aiming for what you want to achieve.

Make It Part of Your Daily Routine

After going back to work and sorting out the rest of your routine, why not squeeze a few workouts in their too? By having the gym part of your weekly or even daily routine, it becomes normal to do it as often as you do, helps your body adjust, and makes it easier for you to get on track.

Reward Yourself

Don’t drain yourself completely! Make sure to treat yourself (and take care of your body) by having a day off, or eating unhealthily one night. By rewarding your hard work, it makes what you are doing worth it even more, and motivates you to keep going to get your goal.

Join Forces With Family Members or Friends

It can be difficult at times to motivate yourself, so why not find some friends who have similar goals and try and complete them together! It can be inspiring to see people you know getting to where they want to be, and by having someone else there, it will motivate you to work harder and see better results.

Don't Quit After One Mistake

We all know how hard it is to get back on track after making a mistake or two, but don’t let this stop you completely. You have already worked so hard to be where you are at, continue to work hard. We are all human, none of us are perfect. If something happens, take a day or two to re-motivate yourself, and then get back on it. Believe in yourself!

I think the best advice I have is to think of why you chose that resolution in the first place, and the idea behind it will spark up the motivation in you, and fuel you for the year to get to a place where you feel confident and happy. Hopefully these tips help you achieve your new years resolution, or any goals that you want to aim towards, fitness related or otherwise.

We want to wish you a happy and healthy 2018!

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