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Tabata Blast is here!

Fantastic news, Tabata Blast is a brand-new class coming to Gym & Tonic in September!

What is Tabata?

Tabata Blast

Tabata is a fitness programme named after Japanese scientist Dr Izumi Tabata who discovered the training. It is a popular form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and consists of exercising in short bursts of 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds, before starting again.

What are the benefits of Tabata?

Research by Dr Tabata shows that athletes who performed the high intensity training increased their aerobic and anaerobic system capacities, which then allows you to increase your ability to train at a higher intensity. According to Dr Tabata a four-minute Tabata session is equal to an hour of jogging, and two hours of walking. It is also believed to burn fat, with 150 calories being burnt for up to 12 hours after exercising.

Is Tabata for me?

Tabata is suitable for anyone, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. In Tabata Blast we will work together to build your fitness and adapt each exercise to your fitness level.

How do I get involved?

Our Tabata Blast class starts on Tuesday 5th September at 6.45pm, running weekly with our instructor Slav. You can try out Tabata Blast by giving us a call on 01785 2467411 and booking in your FREE first session and finding out the benefits for yourself!

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