The Importance of Sleep

You probably understand how important it is to have rest days as part of your fitness routine, but have you considered how much sleep you get everyday can affect your overall performance? Sleep is important for both mental and physical health, helping you relax, de-stress, and repair your body, but if you don’t sleep well, your workouts can be affected.

Athletes need more sleep than others as they are working hard, so need to repair their body for similar amounts of time, so they don’t injure themselves. Getting an extra hour at night, or having a nap in the day can really improve performance, as well as keep their body in the fittest possible state.

Being active during the day and making sure you have a good nights sleep can boost energy levels for the next day, allowing you to continue with your normal routine. However, without sleep, your energy levels will be heavily reduced, and this can build up over time, really affecting how your body works. Make sure to have a fair amount of sleep depending on how much you have worked during the day.

Getting enough sleep also allows glycogen levels in your body to increase. Built on the glucose from the food you eat, glycogen is important for stamina and keeping your body healthy. Without it, your body can truly suffer as glucose won’t turn to energy when you need it.

Sleep is needed to help your brain concentrate, and aid its recovery of fatigue. When at the gym or during workouts, hand-eye coordination is very important, so if you’re tired, you won’t perform to the best of your abilities. This also means you won’t get the satisfaction from working out, making it un-enjoyable and something you don’t want to do. Don’t let it become that.

Improve your quality of sleep by choosing a suitable mattress and pillows, so your body can be in a position that isn’t uncomfortable, or results in pain when you wake up. Choice bedding that cares for your spine, and won’t interrupt your sleep. Deep sleeps are best for recovery and helping your body rest, but if interrupted, it could cause more tiredness.

To sum up, sleep is a very important part of your fitness routine, and should be something you focus on, just as much as working out. Find what makes you comfortable, and rest as much as you can, your body will thank you for it.

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