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Top 5 lifting mistakes

Avoiding these 5 simple mistakes could have big impacts on your muscle gains.


Muscle is built outside of the gym, not inside.

This is the most common one we see. Whilst we all want fast results it is often easy to try and put "too much" work during training. Your muscles only grow outside of the gym whilst you give them rest. During the gym you are actually preparing your muscles to grow so if you keep preparing and never actually let them rest and grow then you are actually slowing your progress down.

Too much pushing, not enough pulling

Neglecting the back can lead to serious problems.

Whilst chest press is an incredibly important exercise, without balancing it with the reverse pulling exercises you are doing huge damage to your body. The neglect of the back in comparison to chest can be staggering and the consequences are more serious than simply aesthetics. Training this way causes a hunched posture with a tight chest pulling your shoulders forward. This causes huge back pain problems and complications, just ask Chiropractor Chris. To help reverse this process, focus more on your back as well as stretching your chest to loosen the tight muscles.

Ignoring warm ups

It's more than just a warm up set.

Jumping straight in to a set? Bad. Doing a warm up set? A bit better. Doing a proper warm up? That's going to save you injuries, increase your range of motion and severely increase your performance in the gym. As mentioned in the previous mistake, stretching is hugely important and doing this before your warm up set will have a big impact on your training. We recommend doing some light cardio to warm the muscles up before stretching depending on what you are training. Check out this handy guide for stretching each part of the body.

Not eating enough

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You need to eat a calorie surplus to gain weight.

Okay so maybe this should be not eating enough of the right foods. What you do in the gym is only a fraction of what gets results, you need to be very focused on what you do outside of the gym. As mentioned with our point about getting proper rest, your muscles only build when you AREN'T training. Your training regime requires a huge amount of calories and it's important for you to calculate how many you need for you to build muscle as you will only gain with a calorie surplus. You then need to see how this is should be split into macro-nutrients (macros) try using an online calculator like for an estimate and then adjust depending on your needs. As a guide you need consistently high protein and then on training days high carbs and low fats and non training days you're going to want to switch that and have high fats low carbs.

Not having a plan

Plan your goals. Be realistic.

If you want to see results then it is really important that you have a plan of action. Start out by setting your goals and a time frame. Be realistic. Once you have a goal its time to plan how you are going to reach it. You need to work out how many times per week you can commit to exercising and then build your training programme around that. When you're training make sure you are recording your results; this is key to make sure you push yourself each time you train and it also allows you to monitor your progress.

How many of these mistakes are you guilty of making? We hope this helped those who needed it and provided a good read for those who know about them already. If you have any more questions about building muscle please send us a message to or

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