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Member Success Stories

What made me join the gym?

The above seemingly simple question is not so simple to answer. It is nearing ten years since I lost my wife to cancer.

The prolonged lead up to that event was both physically and mentally exhausting. The minutiae doesn't need repeating here but suffice to say that the whole situation put me in a very dark place, affecting all areas of my life. Sadly, if not predictably, I started drinking, not excessively to start with. Inevitably my alcohol consumption rose over a two year period. For some time drinking was a daily routine. Matters had to change and change for the better. Getting exercise into my life had crossed my mind a time or two though I never did anything about it.

While out for a stroll one afternoon I happened to pass Gym and Tonic. There and then I decided that joining a gym was the way forward  to lose weight, initially. I turned around, walked back toward the gym, took a deep breath and entered the world of Gym and Tonic, a world of which I'd previously known nothing. Maybe three to four months of being a regular gym user it came to me one day that my negativity had been relegated to the back of my mind rather than to the fore, eating my insides away. You will understand that comment I'm sure if you have been to the negative side. Thats not to say the reasons for my negativity had gone but now they were not my foremost



In conclusion, I can't extol strongly enough the mental changes that physical exercising can bring about and with the added element of a social factor to boot there really is no reason to not give the gym a try.

An improved and more healthy body just happens to be an added bonus too.

And that is why and how I came to join Gym and Tonic.


KW 2022


John's Story 

Just like everyone else, I entered January 2021 facing another period of lockdown. Unlike everyone else, however, I reached a personal milestone that I knew I had to deal with. The 4th January 2021 saw the bathroom  scales reach the 19 stones mark. I was seriously unhappy with my weight and felt ashamed I had allowed myself to let the pounds pile on. I knew it was time to face my weight problem and start reversing the process, so I decided, finally, to do something about it.

I decided I would keep things simple. I reduced my calorie intake and started to ‘move’ more. Instead of taking the car the one mile into town, I would walk it. I used the stairs more at home (if something needed taking upstairs, I would take it up there and then. I wouldn’t pile it all up at the bottom of the stairs for me to take up in one go later). I invested in an Apple watch and put an App on my phone to monitor my progress. Each day I made sure I knew what calories I had eaten and had an idea of what calories I had burnt. I had a daily calorie allowance and I stuck to it. I also decided to try the gym (again). That turned out to be the best decision that I made. I joined Gym & Tonic. In the beginning, I was able to work at my own pace. I wasn’t made to feel conscious of my weight or ‘different’ as someone unable to run a sub 8-minute mile. I simply  followed daily exercise routines suggested by Kate and went walking each day. Kate’s daily motivational messages to our ‘lockdown group’ were brilliant.

Once we were out of lock down, Jemma’s spin class added that little extra spice to my exercise routine and kept everything interesting. Before long, I saw my fitness levels improving and the pounds were coming off. For the first time in a very long time, my weight loss felt natural and, more importantly, sustainable. Before I knew it, I started to see a real difference in me. I felt 100% happier with myself and enjoyed seeing myself improving as each week passed by. Kate and Jemma have been fantastic. Both have been hugely supportive and my success in my weight loss journey is due, in a large part, to their help and support.


I am still on my weight loss journey. I continue to watch the calories in and the calories burnt. I am still loving the gym (thanks to Kate and Jemma) and am now 5½ stones lighter than when I started.


Amanda's Story 

I have always battled with my weight loosing weight and then piling it on again. When I started at the gym at first I was really scared and didnt know how to do things but the staff were so supportive and gave me the ability to let my confidence grow, I have progressed so much with the help of everyone from form checks from Chris to hearing yes Mand from the girls! And help and support from all the other staff members, They believed in me when I didn't! Believe me this helped so much I used Jem and Kates stored voice memories to help when lockdown training got hard.

We set ourselves a challenge to keep us active, we signed up for the Stafford half marathon I'm not a runner ( before lock down the longest run was a 5 k) I prefer to lift weights and do classes, but we got up at 5:30 to fit a run walk or bike ride before work, we hit a stalling point with weight loss and we looked into our diet it's not until you track everything you start to see where it all adds up, with the help of my fitness pal and now the gyms are back open were heading to our target! So far I have lost 3 stone and also noticed a big difference in my measurements and my mental health.


Love you guys! Thank you!


Keith's Story 

Hi, my name is Keith.

I feel it appropriate to share my story with you as to how I joined the Gym and Tonic gym.

In simple form, I lost my wife to cancer during June 2012, a few years ago now. Her premature passing sent me into freefall and so within no time I was drinking beer for England, sending my blood pressure sky high and my waistline suffered too.

By now I was on medication to ease to ease my elevated blood pressure despite me not being a fan of pill popping.

On the occasion of going for a walk I went by the Gym and Tonic building and thought "there's the answer" as I knew in my heart of hearts that the drinking had to stop before it stopped me.

Having braved crossing the threshold I met Kate, manageress and lead personal trainer, an appointment was made for a free introductory session from which a programme was drawn up by Kate to address the issues of, firstly, my weight loss, secondly to tone what was left, which is where I am now, and then to maintain what remains.

My joining Gym and Tonic has been one of the most beneficial experiences I have made. It has brought me into contact with some very friendly people, both staff and gym members alike.

Having lost the weight and being awarded 'Gym Member of the Month', there have been two further unexpected benefits, namely I have now dispensed with the blood pressure medication but the real surprise is that any negativity regarding my wife's demise is now relegated to the back of my mind thereby making way for positive thoughts for the future.

For my part I must give Kate hearty thanks for her persistence and professionalism in helping me achieve my goals.


Keith Williams 2021


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