Gym Manager

I grew up in the gym environment and always knew I was going to work in the industry. I have been doing it for 20+ years and have seen a lot of changes. I love working one on one with clients and love a challenge! I will train anyone but specialise in weight loss, rehabilitation, and body conditioning. The gym is in my blood, it’s my home.


Gym Supervisor

Sport has always been a big part of my life, and I’ve enjoyed resistance training from a young age. After getting fascinated by the science behind it as a teenager, I decided to get qualified as an instructor and PT. I’ve now been at G&T for 5 years, and have recently also started a degree in Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation.


Gym Supervisor

I am fairly new to the fitness industry having only first stepped into a gym 6 years ago when trained as an Instructor and PT. I've worked here for 5 years and enjoy everything about it, finding it incredibly rewarding helping clients reach their goals. I also teach small group classes and take part in others. I love all aspects of the gym.



I’m currently studying strength and Conditioning degree and working alongside the Birmingham FA and Stoke City FC. For the past 6 years, fitness has been a major driving force and passion of mine, teaching me to be self-confident and more sociable. Being able to help someone reach their goals is the best part of this job.



Growing up I was heavily involved in a number of sports and through this got a passion for anything sport related. I have played rugby for a number of year and learning specific ways of training for this sport. I then followed this passion further and got my PT qualification and sports massage to help me enable others to get the most out of their sport and to have the correct level of training to do so.


Tech Guru

I have always been athletic and very interested in sports no matter what it is and love anything competitive! I have been working at Gym & Tonic for quite a few years now with my main role being behind the scenes promoting the club online and handling the tech side of things but get involved with just about anything that needs doing here.


Customer Care Supervisor

I am a happy, friendly and polite member of the Gym & Tonic team, with over 20 years customer service experience. I’m a people person who enjoys meeting and welcoming new members to our gym and also maintaining the friendships we have with our great members.




I've been exercising regularly for 39 years including entering a bodybuilding competition and being Tug of War World Champion! I have worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and love suspension training, classes, core exercises and effective stretches.



I've been training in martial arts for 10 years and have more recently started my Combat Fit class here. I love helping people achieve their goals and specialise in circuit training and one on one sessions. Come and say hi if you need any help with your training!


Gym Manager

I have always loved sport from school playing netball, hockey and tennis and later in life I started running endurance events! I love helping people enjoy their training and as a previously rather large person I know how hard and daunting it is to make those first steps into a gym and keep motivated.



I have been level 3 qualified for 2 years, and have had the chance to train some well known names. I have played cricked and football to a very competitive level, and have always been physically active.


General Manager

I've had a passion for sport and exercise from a very early age, leading me to be a keen sportsmen my whole life. At University I studied in Sports Science with Management leading me to my role at Gym & Tonic. In my personal life I enjoy playing football, mountain biking and the great outdoors.



I have been in the fitness industry over 5 years and I’ve had the opportunity to Box for one of the top coach’s in the UK in National and International tournaments reaching National finals. I’m passionate in encouraging people to believe in themselves helping them achieve their goals and improve self esteem.



Marketing Manager

I’ve always loved sports and activity and P.E. was definitely one of my favourite lessons at school! I’ve played Rugby Union from an early age and began playing Rugby League during my time at University. My personal training tends to be quite sports specific with a good mixture of functional strength and conditioning exercises.



I'm a bubbly and enthusiastic instructor who's been training for 10 years and have worked in the fitness industry for 8 years. I love teaching group exercise classes such as indoor cycling, conditioning, circuits and aerobics. When I exercise I prefer to use weights and usually mix things up with heavy training and conditioning.


General Manager

I have more than 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. I enjoy working with members, making them feel welcome and pushing them to achieve their goals. I love food however year on year I had to make small adjustments to strike the balance between eating healthy and exercise.